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(( Hi everyone; just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be resigning as Soundwave. Thanks for all the fun! See ya later Prime-verse, it’s been real~ ))

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Anonymous sent: Hey Soundwave! Are you and Starscream bros again?


daruvael sent: Hello, Soundwave! I was wondering if you could explain to me how you communicate with mechs from alternate dimensions. Do you physically travel there, just send comms, or do they come to you? I'm hoping to compile a list and compare the different manners in which people succeed in stable inter-dimensional travel. Could you help me?


… -It’s a very detailed and highly encrypted process to which he goes about watching communicating with other mechs in alternate dimensions. However, comms are most reliant but some– one mech in particular– have a habit of coming to him.

He points to the screen, indicating that digital communication is the most efficient way to establish a connection (of sorts). And as for travel… that all depends on the uncontrollable tears associated with their universe. The screen digitizes into a complex array of graphs and charts in regards to the portals occurring within their time. He gave the human help; now whether the other can read Cybertronianand understand it is not Soundwave’s problem.-

… “[Dimensional travel.]”

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Help I’m so bored omg


Help I’m so bored omg

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-As soon as Hardshell takes the cube from Laserbeak, the small flier circles around the pair before reattaching to Soundwave’s chassis. He watches Hardshell test the cube before giving it to the hatchling. And then said hatchling squeaks with joy as soon as his little mouth tries to chug down the energon. Soundwave’s helm tilts in silent observation before Zori’s little feet on his pede start to clatter.

A wordless asking through their bond for Soundwave to allow him to eat his own energon cube as well. Catching Hardshell’s movement, Soundwave is about to turn around as well and head into his room to give into Zori’s insistent demand for food when the Insecticon leader’s words halt him.

Visored gaze turns back to the duo as he begins to filter through possible names for the newest member of the Hive. He gets to the last few thousands before selecting one that seems to fit.


The digitized wording appears across his screen-like facial mask: -


Hardshell stared in curiosity, watching as Soundwave silently displayed a name choice on his screen. He tilted his head and nodded slowly, liking how much the Insecticon. "It is a very good name," he murmured and stared at Soundwave.

"There should not be much more disturbance, but if another one happens to sneak in, inform the closest Hivemate you can find," he explained while balancing the hatchling’s cube. "But…as a failsafe, keep a small amount of energon outside your door instead. That might help deter any others from trying to get in."

Hardshell made a single bow and turned to walk away from the silent mech. The youngling gave off a loud burp and giggled, much to Hardshell’s amusement and climbed up his shoulder to stare back at Soundwave. The smaller Insecticon began to wave and made soft coos as the two departed from sight. 

-Getting the confirmation of the hatchling’s name, Soundwave inwardly is pleased. And when Hardshell goes on to explain the possibilities of something like this ocuring again, the Decepticon spy gives a small understanding nod.

He will note Hardshell’s advisement and securely place a small cube of energon strategically outside in order to prevent another coming into his room. Zori did seem very intent on keeping what’s his, his. 

Watching Hardshell walk away, Soundwave’s main focal point turns to the hatchling who’s now staring back at him. At the small wave, he raises his right arm a bit and his mask digitizes an image for the small Insecticon to see.-

-Soundwave does have a soft spot for these kinds of mecha– and he has an even bigger soft spot for his own. Zori’s insistent tugging around his leg with his tail gets him moving again. The little micron’s yearning for energon obvious and Soundwave won’t deny him. Back inside the room they go and the door shuts securely behind him.-


Minus One

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Cybertron in its various interpretations

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts" - Oliver Wendell Holmes

There is one thing that tugs at my heartstrings a lot and that’s giant transforming robots being homesick babies ;n;

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